if you ever feel bad about crying over korean men please remember that sungyeol cried during a wedding because the wallpaper was too beautiful

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1. Whose comeback are you awaiting the most?

EXO because they’ve been gone for over a year and I miss them as much as I miss Jonghyun lol

2. Do you have any lightsticks for any fandom you’re in?

Sadly, no :( 

3. Who have you seen live(kpop&nonkpop)?

Almost but I didn’t have the tickets since they were so expensive omg OTL 

4.Do you tell your nonkpop friends about anything regarding comebacks/teasers/etc?

Of course haha. They either get annoyed or just “umm okay..” lol

5.Ultimate bias in the world?

Luhan c: But there are my other biases trying to creep up my bias list, so it’s really a mess right now xD

6. What would you do if you saw your bias walking on the street, casually?

Tbh, I wouldn’t do anything. Not that I want to but because I can’t. I would just look with my jaws dropped, then go up to him and take pictures and an autograph. Afterwards I would be freaking out lolol

7. How many songs do you have on your phone/mp3?

Omg I don’t even know since I have 2 devices with apps that have music in them D: 

8. Do you like receiving anon messages?

Of course :D

9. Who are your favorite rookies?

B.A.P all the way <3

10. Favorite style on your bias?

Pink, brown, or caramel colored hair, and for clothes, nothing Kris or Taemin style LOL

11. Favorite color? 

I love all colors (: 

My questions:

1. What is your favorite song? (Doesn’t have to be Kpop)

2. If your bias was your boyfriend and it was your 200th day, what would you prepare?

3. Which We Got Married couple do you like the most? (If you watch WGM)

4. What was your first kpop/nonkpop fandom?

5. Who is currently messing your bias list?

6. What Kpop dances do you know?

7. Where would you love to study/vist?

8. What instruments do you play?

9. What company would you train under? 

10. If you were in a group, what would your role be?

11. If you were to make a Kpop group of only 5 members, who will be in your group? (You can choose from already debuted idols) 

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1.Do you play any instrument?

I know a little of guitar and I’m kinda taking guitar and piano lessons..

2.what is the thing you wouldn’t do even if you’re offered a million dollars?

Bunjee jump…too scary lol

3. one thing that makes you happy?

Food~ <3 

4.Your .favorite movie of all time

It’s either gotta be Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings…I can’t choose lol

5.Do you have any life motto?

Not that I can think of…OTL lol

6. if you could go back in time, is there something you would change? if yes what?

Yes, but many things. At the same time no, because then it wouldn’t make me who I am today..

7. why is your bias your bias?

idek…he (Luhan) is just seems perfect in every way and I just can’t describe it in words…

8. Do you like someone right now? (someone you know) 

Nahh :P

9. what is your favorite memory? 

I have no idea…I can’t think of any lol…

10. what do you think you would be doing if you have never know kpop? 

omg I don’t know WHAT I’ll do..Kpop has become such a big part of my life…I’d probably be just be laying in bed waiting for the day to pass while listening to non-Kpop music? Idk…or watching TV..

11. hot weather or cold weather? why?

omgg cold weather all the way. Hot weather is too sticky, smelly, humid, and nasty. I get all grumpy and mad easily. Winter baby all the way xDD <3 

I’m not gonna write any questions nor tag anyone because too lazy…:P 

Don’t lie.. really? YT is taking off SHINee’s Hello Baby? CRYING FOREVER!